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How To Create Your Own MU Server v1 2Q [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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How To Create Your Own MU Server v1 2Q [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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Name:How To Create Your Own MU Server v1 2Q [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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Screen Captures & Infos:

How To Create Your Own MU Server v1.2Q [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t][migel]


1. Mu Server
2. Mu Server Client
3. Guide How to build the server


Dboyz Team - v1.2Q Mu Online Server


Dboyz Team for Server

Milamber (Head Leader of Dboyz) for Repack and Release

[Reminder] These files and the Setup Guide are for Router Support Only!

[Preface] This 1.2Q server has been the source of Faronnia Myth MU and sub-server Shannara Castledown MuOnline which lasted for 2 years.
Server files have been tested twice before release and are 100% functional as you will see in the screenshots <- Click ) and guide below.
The 1.2Q server files are reasonably stable and very easy to setup and have many bugless exciting features which many other server files do not have.
Follow the Guides and you will soon have your own 1.2Q Mu Online Server!

Setup Guide - Databases

[Reminder] Server Guide is Router Support only.

Step 1 : You download C-Vnor Server.

Now open it and extract to C:/

So after extracting you will have a folder called MuServer in your diskspace C.

Step 2 : Restoring the Database

Download the SQL Server 2000 and install it like this:

1.Download sql,click the sqleval.exe file that delivers the package to the C drive and once the package is delivered succesfully go to C:\\SQLEVAL\\autorun.exe

2.Click \"SQL Server 2000 Components\"

3.Click \"Install Database Server\"

Setup Instructions

1.Click Next

2.Click Next again(keep settings)

3.Click Next again(should say\"Create New Instance of SQL Server,or Install Client Tools\"

4.Put your name and your company(make it up),click Next

5.Click Yes

6.Click Client and Server Tools,click Next

7.Keep Default checked,click Next

8.Keep Typical checked,click Next

9.Click \"Use the Local System Account(this is important),click Next

10.Click \"Mixed Mode\",make a password for your login(login is always sa)Remember the password,note it down somewhere as your Sql Password.

11.Click Next and it will start installing (this will take about 5 minutes)

12.You are done setting up your Sql Server.

Restoring the Databases

There are 2 databases to restore,MuOnline.bak and Ranking.bak.You have succesfully installed your sql server 2000.Now its time to restore the Databases.
With this guide this will take you only 5 minutes as it is very simple to do.

1.Check that at the bottom right of your screen you have the sql server icon with a green play symbol on it.This means that your sql server is switched on.We need it switched on to restore the database,put the server online and keep it running,and editing your accounts.Basically it will need to always be switched on when working on the server.

2.If not,go to bottom left of screen,go Start>All Programs>Microsoft Sql Server>Service Manager.It will open and you\'ll have to press the On button(play symbol,the green arrow)

3.Now we get busy.Go again to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Sql Server>Enterprise Manager.

4.Now click the +on Microsoft Sql Servers

5.Now click the + on Sql Server Group

6.Now click the + on (local)(Windows NT)

7.Now right click Databases>New Database and name it MuOnline

8.Do the same thing again but name this new database Ranking.Now you have 2 new databases,MuOnline and Ranking.

9.Right click on MuOnline>All Tasks>Restore Database

10.Check \"from device\"

11.Click \"select device\"

12.Click \"...\"

13.Find C:\\MuServer\\Databases\\MuOnline.bak

14.Click OK 3 times

15.Now you restored the Database.Go back to MuOnline>All tasks>Restore Database and go to options which is on the top of the new window.Select(check) \"Force reinstore over existing database\"

16.There.You\'re done repeat all the steps from Step 9 except that now you do it for Ranking.And when you restore database,it won\'t be MuOnline.bak that you will select but Database\\Ranking.bak.And remember to go to Ranking>All Tasks>Restore Database>Options and do the Force reinstore thing just as you did for the MuOnline database.
Final step,now go to your MuServer files and double click on ODBC and press ok.
Now go to MuTools>Server Tools>Creat Account MD5 and create yourself an account.Go to the Mu Editor,open the MuEdit text and put in your Swl Password where it says to do so.Now open the MuEditor and create yourself a character with all the items and stats which you could possibly dream of!

Server Setup

Guide to Setup your MuOnline Server Files
All the IPs have been configured for routers but there are still a few IPs to change along with Sql Passwords.So let\'s get this done with!
Go to Start>Run>cmd and type in ipconfig.Where it says IP Address that is your Local IP.Note it down somewhere.With some routers the Local IP changes from time to time so make sure to check it up regularly.
These are the places where you will put your Local IP :
MuServer>GameServerPT-1>Gameserver text :

//~This is gameserver.ini Edited and Translated by Milamber~
DB_SERVER = ; Sql Server Host (Local)
DB_Name = MuOnline ; DaTaBaSe Name (Default : MuOnline)
DB_user = sa ; DaTaBaSe User (Default : sa)
DB_Password = password ; DaTaBaSe Password (Your DaTaBaSe Password)
DB_EnableTrusted = 1 ; Don\'t Know (Default : 1)

Replace by your Local IP and replace password by your Sql Password.
Now go to GameServerPT-1>Data>ServerInfo and open it.Put in your Server Name.Like this:
ServerName = Faronnia
ServerCode = 0
NonPK = 0
ConnectMemberLoad = 0
PkLimitFree = 0

Replace Faronnia by your Server name.

Now go to MuServer>RankingServer>svconfig


Replace password by your Sql Password.
Do the same for MuServer>EventServer>DATA>svconfig (ie put in your Sql password where it says to do so)

Now go to MuServer>ExDB>ExDB text
// ~This is exdb.ini Edited and Translated by Milamber~
// ID, Password, Version, MaxFriend, MaxMail
\"sa\" \"password\" 1 50 50
// Version : The ExDB.ini Quite Old Wolf Rolls Pity to Draining Welds
// MaxFriend : Maximum Friends You Can Have
// MaxMail : Maximum Mail You Can Receive

// Rolls Pity 0 ID, The Password Father Grain Plow
// Rolls Pity 1 Version, MaxFriend, The MaxMail Dormancy

Replace password by your Sql Password

We are now almost done but not yet.Open your internet browser and type in the url bar(where you normally type website addresses)
This is your Global Wan IP.It changes sometimes and you cannot know when it will.If you restart/reboot router it will definitely change.Right your Global IP down.

Now go to MuServer>Data>MapServerInfo text
19 0 -1 S86.136.187.124 55901
0 0 1 S86.136.187.124 55903
1 0 1 S86.136.187.124 55904
2 0 1 S86.136.187.124 55905
3 0 1 S86.136.187.124 55906

Keep the s in front of the IP and replace by your Global Wan IP.In the server files it just Says YOUR IP instead of that actual numeric Ip.Do the same,replace YOUR IP by your Global Wan IP.

Now for the last step.There are 2 IPs,remember?Your Local IP and your Global Wan IP.Your local IP is the IP Address of your machine(computer).If you want to be able to connect on your own,so just you can connect from your home system and no one else,in order to test server,you do this :
Quote: (at the end of the text,the bottom)

Put in your Local IP for you to connect.If you want to globally open your server to the world so other people can connect put in your Global Wan IP (replacing
Of course,for the beginning only you will have to connect in order to test and configure your server,so put in your Local IP(replacing

You have probably noticed the ReadMe text in your server files.Its a mini guide to help you out.Its almost the same as this one here except shorter.Notice the folder called MuTools.You have all the Client and Server tools in that folder along with guides to set them up(for server tools) and how/what to use them for.

Client Setup

1.MuServer>MuTools>Client Tools>Main Editor
Open this and search for the main.exe which is in the Client.When you found it and have opened it change the IP you see in there to your Global Wan IP.The IP originally in there is or a numeric IP or or replace that with your numeric Global IP and save it.Some chinese thing will appear.That\'s nothing,as long as it worked,which it does.

You need your own launcher.Download the Launcher Builder from the top of this Guide.Extract it wherever you want.I suggest you make a folder called MuOnline Library and you put in there are your MuOnline downloads to keep your files organized.Open the Launcher Builder :
Enable Options
Show Server Status
Server Name : Put in yor Server Name
IP/Hostname : Put in your Local IP
Port : 44405

There,you have made your own launcher.Move it to the Client,where there are all the folders like Data,Resolution and MuAntiHack.

The final step...
Make sure your AntiVirus is off as the firewall might screw it up and alsothe ConnectServer.exe.
Go to MuServer>MuServerStartUp.exe and double clicl it.It should start with Ip: not press stop,put in as IP and press start.Now sit back and watch as your server starts launching itself online.At the end it will say \"All Done!\"

After the gameserver starts your computer will lag a bit as it is trying to free some RAM Memory.After 1 minute go to the client and open your launcher.Press connect and wait.

Congratulations if it has worked as it is supposed to.For any troubleshooting please post here and check the Help Center which is right underneath this!

GameServer Lag fix

MuServer>GameServerPT-1>Dandanweb text
//~This is dandanweb.ini Edited and Translated by Milamber~
GSUDPport = 0 ; GameServer UDP Port

0 means CPU usage at 100%.Change it to 60010 or any between 60006 and 60009.
Open that extra UDP port.So lets day you put:

//~This is dandanweb.ini Edited and Translated by Milamber~
GSUDPport = 60008 ; GameServer UDP Port

Then you open UDP port 60008

With this fixed expect a more stable GameServer!

Guides, Hacks, Releases, UpDates and more infos:

AIO Created by C-Vnor (thanks Petro)

=/////////////////////////All packs is CLEAN 100%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\=
=All have ScreenShoot and FULL Report from KasperSky Internet Security=
=If you find something with other AV prog I DONT ANSWER in any comment=

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